how to open my home inpection business in canada?


I am brand new member of Internachi , I want to know how to open my business in Canada?


According to the alert in red you are not a member.

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Hey Jiang!

        Where do you live? I'm in Oshawa, On. You can email me at

Hello Ray!

You must obtain a business license. If not, $ 100.00 fine per day in BC .
Register your business name within BC Registry Office , Big Fine if not.
Promote yourself as InterNACHI member.

Mr. Jian Zhang’s attempt to make money from home inspections is certainly his own business. But that he has passed the requirements to become a NACHI certified member / home inspector is an insult to the entire industry. One can only hope that he is not located in Canada.
- Home Inspector since 1976 - **TORONTO

Montreal. Quebec is still part of Canada, eh? I think we are dealing with at least one language barrier here.

Yah know, there’s quite a niche market for people who speak foreign languages. I’d bet he’s capturing quite a bit of that. They pay well.

I think the fact that he can speak his native language and still communicate fairly well (perhaps better than some English speaking inspectors) in our language makes him a little bit smarter than R_y.

The fact that he’s also smart enough to join NACHI and come here for help speaks even more to his desire to do a good job.

Perhaps R_y should contact him and offer him some help instead of criticizing someone smarter than himself!

Of, I forgot. R_y apparently is NOT a member of NACHI! Oh well, so much for him offering help.

He’s in QB. He needs to speak English to fulfill and then speak French to operate in his area. Neither of which are his primary language I believe.

Brian’s post was deleted but I have a message for him anyway.

Shut up Brian.

Go somewhere where people could learn to like you.

Hey Er_y, Sorry to rain on your self indulgent attempt at humour, let alone your intelligence, but Raymond Wand aka Dick Cheney is not, I repeat -is not Jian Zhang.

Marcel Seen any good licencing lately? Sorry to have to tell you Dick Cheney is Raymond Wand and not - Jian Zhang. Bad hunch on your part. Ha ha, maybe next time!