Sharondale Academy in Ontario using InterNACHI training material exclusively.

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*Just a short note on a training school called Sharondale Academy that has operated for some time in Toronto in which the trainer has CMI certification. I and several others had responded to an ad in Kijiji/Toronto stating that for the paltry sum of 3595.00 we would be taught our course by a board certified Master Inspector and approved by NACHI we would receive mold training,as well as a web page professionally designed etc.
What I got was nowhere near what was being offered. I paid in full and for that I had to wait 3 weeks for my material(it was reported to have been stolen for the trainer’s truck) and the course that was taught was mainly taught by the students, we were designing the course as we went… The teacher in my opinion, may have had years of experience as an Inspector, but he was unable to convey that to us as students. The experience has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

The Trainer of the course was always willing to talk about how to improve the course but it just didn’t seem to happen.

I wish to warn off anyone seeking training as a HI, buyer beware, there’s HI mills out there just pumping out people half trained with visions of making millions for little or no work. I am poorer but wiser.:mad: :mad: :mad:*

Pump it, Pump it good!


Not much comment being made here!!! WERY, WERY INTERESTING


Upon receiving that original complaint regarding Sharondale Academy. I imediately contacted the school’s operator and notified him of the complaint. I was quite concerned at the post, and reminded the owner that schools can be de-listed as approved providers.

After trading querries for answers, I was satisfied with the responses to the allegations I received from Sharondale.

There are two sides to every story.

The allegations were investigated and were subsequently vacated.

Looks like you really looked after the problems including false advertising.


Thank you for your valued input.

Your welcome, you know I am a stickler for the rules especially the rules that are in black and white, and bound for distribution. Glad I can help!

In reguards to the posting i had put up i can substanuate my claim,our class had 4 students whom the first one left after 2-3 weeks and 3 stuck it out. i can provide the names and numbers of these other students. I liked the teacher however he was not able to provide what we had paid for or what was advertised.

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…and as to your over inflated comments about how lucrative home inspections are?

This is not my HI school i was just someone whom had a bad experience with Sharondale.

Roy thanks for the info. I couldn’t find a name associated with this website other than an email address. - Thanks,

This is a NACHI member operating this school. Does NACHI endorse his outrageous claims?

If Roy H was dissapointed with what the school delivered, he has certain rights avbailable to him at law and equity. If I were him, I would take the matter up with the school owner. Perhaps something could be worked out.

NACHI is NOT the education provider in this case. As such, we have no power over said provider, other than to querry them as to the nature of the class in question and to the specific complaint.

Roy’s was the sole complaint. We do not audit classes.

If enough comlaints come in, then we simply de-certify a class or school. It is quite simple, really.

As to fraudulent claims, NACHI is not the department of consumer affairs. Anyone can claim anything regarding a fraud. Just like a complaint against an inspector for fraud. Once the inspector has been found guilty, he is in violation of the COE and can be dealt with. Fraud is a criminal act.

If the allegation of fraud is accurate, there will be consequences.

Years ago, my wife attended a well known school. She had a background in the course materials she was formally studying. The teachers were horrible and the materials presented were different than those advertised. I made a formal complaint to the NJ Dept of Education, who licensed the school. When the investigator contacted me, he reminded me that teaching is an art, and not a science. He also told me that there were few comlaints lodged against the school. He suggested that if we were dissatisfied, that we ask for a refund of tuition. The school refused, and we had no further recourse.

That was the most valuable lesson of all…

Joe you are right, my only purpose in posting the complaint was to voice my displeasure in public, I recognize that NACHI can approve only the material taught
and the market place will take care of the rest. Thank you for looking into the complaint for me.

Now it’s time to move on and continue to learn as i can’t change the past…

The issue is that others need to be aware that a potential for concern does exist, and more importantly what can be done to correct it. Other accredited bodies often have a policy in place to warn and hopefully correct the concern. Likewise participants do have a right to express their concerns if there is an issue regarding dissatisfaction. If not - than what value is that recognition?

As Joe stated earlier, he looked into the matter, and hopefully changes are being made to address the concerns. It’s the old case of “caveat emptor”.

Roy H,

Thank you.

caveat emptor…doesn’t that translate to “pockets emptied”?

Brian considering Nicks post was titled: “Re: Sharondale Academy in Ontario using InterNACHI training material exclusively.” is an endorsement surely as CMI is endorsed by the Canadian government by way of trademark.

I surely would not want my association name plastered all over a site that is making absurd false claims. But would you expect any thing different considering the nature of the beast?