Sheet metal sheating

Just curious what language you guys use when seeing sheet metal being used to repair wood sheathing gaps.

OK with you or do you comment?

Yeah i want to know also, but looking at the picture is the rood still leaking?
man that’s bad

Amateurish repair.
This area was not repaired following any standard of roof repair and should be repaired by a Certified Roofing Company before further damage is created with moisture issues.

It’s not pretty but if all you are doing is bridging a hole so you can apply siding, I don’t see the problem.

WTF!!! What’s This For? :roll::twisted:

It’s a roof I think.

Even better.

Yeah that’s what I thought.:slight_smile:
New roof tile on that puppy by the way.
Same developer used a all metal roof at the next day inspection and eliminated the roof vents.:slight_smile:
Go figure.

No ice shield or #15 felt. Is this roof shingled in this area?:shock:

Yes that is vinyl chimney flashing you see on top of the tile.:slight_smile:

Nothing but top class eh?

Wrapping up the report but damn I think I will go back and redo the roof section after looking at these.