High Rise Condos

I’m still very green to home inspections and still have some questions on how to go about condo inspections.

When inspecting high rise condos in our state how do some of you seasoned vets go about inspecting them? I understand that we inspect on what we can see, and if something is out of our control/reach there isnt much we can do.

How do you go about inspecting the electrical/roof/ and plumbing. These 3 specifically concern me as there is not much access to many of these things. Do you just write the report based on what is only in the unit? Or do you try and gain access to the roof and electrical rooms?

How and what do you guys write in the report when you have “no access” to these major things?

Unless there is something specifically arranged beforehand I am inspecting from the ‘paint in’ on whatever unit it is. Building mechanicals, roofing and other systems are listed as not inspected.


Try to contact, in advance, the building maintentance people to gain access when needed.

Narrate that you tried to gain access to those items but were not successful and why, in your report.


Create a canned statement about the HOA being responsible for common areas (roof, exterior, electric, attic etc) and the insp begins at the front door (any comment about common areas is done as a courtesy and does not constitute insp of that area). Insp what you see as in any other house and you’re done. Get on the roof via the maintenance supervisor for the condenser only. If it’s a ‘condo or townhouse’ with attic access, charge extra because your ‘price is set for typical condo’s & townhouses that do not have attic access’ and get the additional $50 for doing the attic.

Take a pic of the main breaker on the exterior of the bldg or in the ‘breaker room’ so they know where it’s located and only open the subpanel in the unit.

Been doing this since day 1 and never an issue!

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