High school football player dies in 95° heat:opinion from a Brentwood Home Inspector

A high school student died this week during high school practice in 95°F (dry bulb temperature) outdoor ambient conditions.

The news media indicated that the coach was not in violation of any “standard” because 95°F (dry bulb) is not excessive heat!

I know I drilled this to death concerning taking dry bulb temperature readings at the supply and return registers in a house as being totally inconclusive in any form of evaluation.

95°F at 2% relative humidity is not the same as 95° at 100% relative humidity!

Here we go again, with another standard, another old wives tale!

“95°F doesn’t hurt anyone”!

But yes it can!

When the sweat on your skin cannot evaporate in a 90 Degree day with high humility, your body cannot cool down… I have always heard the term “dry” heat like in Arizona but haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it.

I have been in high humidity , high heat conditions during road cycling and felt ready to explode from the buckets of sweat on the surface of my skin trying to evaporate… I could not cool down… I hate those days… It can kill you… Midwest , Chicago, summer peak heat / humid days can be incredible. Jungle like… Jogging can kill you if your not in top condition… Even with that your still pushing your luck…