Hot exterior

Don’t know about you guys but it is 5:00 p.m. and the temperature is still 96 degrees.

This is to much for me.

Sweating doing nothing.

What is it like in Arizona, Kansas area?

Marcel :slight_smile:

Same here In Canada 96 no rain for days lawn looks like a straw field .
Marcel looks like you will be getting wet soon go and shut your car/truck windows .
Some people have all the luck.

… Cookie

I have you beat by 3 Marcel…:shock:

But when it’s 99…I usually wear a coat…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yaa some one told me its dry heat .
I think they stay in an AC place all the time too.

… Cookie

In the Fall, Winter, and Spring it’s Dry heat Roy…:smiley:

But now is our Monsoon Season…so 99 is hot as hell with the humidity (as you well know, I see in your previous post 96)…!!

So in another month things will be starting to get back to normal (Perfect) until June again…:smiley:

100 degrees and no humidity is my cup of Tea…:smiley: …“Perfect”

Anything less with no humidity requires Canadian type clothing (IE) LL Bean etc…:smiley:

You have got to be kidding.

Man, how in hell can you wear that jacket. :wink:

98 degrees now and in two months will be down to 40 degrees and two months later down to 20 degrees and so on.

Must be nice not to shovel the white stuff.


Sticking your head in an oven is dry heat too :shock: :wink:

9:00 pm in kc and it is still 84

Somewhere in the mid 90s today and humidity was up.

Next week they are calling for mid 90s most of the week and dryer then a popcorn fart. Most likely the heat index will be 100 or better.


Have good time this weekend.

Well, here is beautiful central hill country Texas we have had rain, rain, , and some more rain. I think it’s the wettest on record. Our best heat has been in low 90’s.

Bottom of the feet are going green !! :-;; It’s wonderful.

With the past several days in the 90’s here in the Northeast, one of the best ways I know how to beat the heat.

100_0287 (Small).JPG

Take a dip, then float with “cold one”, then dip again - can’t get much better than that!:wink:

This is the picture that should have appeared not the attachment.
Still learning the functions on this BB:

100_0287 (Small).JPG

Alan, I would have that floater rigged up with side boards and cup holders. ha. ha.
Side boards to hold the ice cooler.

Sure looks nice.

:smiley: :slight_smile:

AHHH my friend, you have been fooled.:shock:
The right hand side is a white cup holder perfect for a can, bottle or 16 oz. cup. And alas on the left, under the green flap is a plastic container able to hold several cans and ice.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: