HIKMicro M30 Thermal Camera

Any one try or own a HIKMicro M30 thermal camera.
The specs and price floored me.
110,592 thermal pixel resolution @ Thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 0.035 degrees Celsius (35 mK).

<$2,500.00 US. $3,500.00 Canadian.
I would enjoy any feed back.


I looked at these yesterday at the InterNACHI convention in California. Gotta say that I was intrigued. The touch screen may not be an important extra, but I still found that it pretty cool. I told the lady at the booth that I owned an E6, so she walked me through the advantages that their camera had over mine. For the investment that I have in my E6, I am unlikely to replace it at this point, but for a first upper end camera, I would take a hard look at these.


I test drove the HIKMicro B20 that a friend owns a few months ago, while on a large Commercial inspection.
The camera itself performed satisfactorily, in part due to the refresh rate it enjoys, but their report software was total crap IMO.
Nothing but problems with it. That alone was cause for me to never consider purchasing one.

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Test drove one at the convention as well. Their whole line up is pretty impressive, and Flir will need to really step up their game if they want to stay competitive with HIK. For the price, I see no one who can even come close in terms of resolution and clarity. I cannot speak for the software end of things, as I have not checked into that like Jeff has. For my basic home inspection needs, I have never been a big user of the Flir software anyway. I own an E6, and the HIK Micro 2 pocket camera they make has better imaging and resolution for a meager $599…incredible. If you want to pull the trigger on a purchase I would recommend holding out until Black Friday, as Monroe Infrared will typically have a big sale going on every year.

How did it feel in the hand? Was the camera Heavy? Are the buttons where you would expect them to be? Did operational menus cover the functions properly? Any way to take annotations? Enough color pallets?

I have been following HIK for about a year. The pricing threw me for a loop. I am considering selling my Fluke Ti300 60Hz and purchasing HIKMicro M30.

Which is why I mentioned my experience. Most people only check out the camera, and don’t even think about the software until after their purchase when they attempt to prepare a report. Then the regret sets in, and message boards get bombarded with questions they should have asked up-front.


Fair enough Jeff! Valid point.

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The feel is similar to the Flir units, maybe a bit lighter. The buttons and menus will take some getting used to, as it is not quite as user friendly as the Flir. Manual focus is a nice feature as you can really get closer and zoom in on things. According to Bill Fabian, you get used to it pretty quickly. If you have any questions give Bill a call at Monroe Infrared as he knows these things in and out.

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