Does anyone know any thing about Home Inspectors of America?
I was contacted by them last week after I responded to an ad of there’s for a job. But I can find only limited info on them via the internet and they want me to pay them a franchise fee. I am a little concerned so I thought I would ask to see if I could get some help. Thank you very much

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Home Inspectors of America

Phone: (210) 724-3032Fax: (210) 822-2714115 Tyrol Place, San Antonio, TX 78209 Send email to Home Inspectors of America



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I looked at that but there office is out of Colorado and the # I called this morning has been disconnected. I don’t know if that is a different company or not. I need to call them on Monday to see.

Any job that wants you to pay "it "

In over 10 Years,
There has been only one Home Inspection Organization of any value…
NACHI www.nachi.org

Beware of any Fraternal Organization marketing themselves as a Franchise…
as another poster stated…

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You (and others) are making one hell of an assumption without knowing anything that the ad stated. One word is all that is necessary to change the entire context of an ad, and if the OP skimmed over it, his bad. I would want to see the ad before making an accusation like that.