HIP issue

im assuming i have an incompatible font issue… it was the default, i tried switching all fonts to Ariel… same problem, them complex, same… I have good virus protection… what’s the deal?

Maybe your protection has a leak??? :wink:

Go to the HIP site, and talk to Dom on the Live Chat…NOW !!! :D:D

Did it do that in all the templates?

i found the issue… it wasnt under formatting it was under item name formatting… apparently that got swapped somehow…

I don’t think that anyone is gonna be able to read that! You should use an english font! :mrgreen:

First time I ever saw that one.

That’s a perfect template for an egyptian pharaoh.


Jeffrey’s right, you have a totally new market now. Market to Egyptions :slight_smile: Looks like you ended up on Windings font there. Fun to play with, not too practical!

On second thought, it could be an inspection for an alien. Jae, any comment?