Hip or gable?

Would you consider the first story flat roof as part of the hip/gable credit even though another roof is above? Trying to determine if its hip or gable and the rest of the building is hip.

Why must you be so specific. I would simply describe the roof type as “hip and gable”. Period. Move on.

Looks like other to me.
Try posting in the Florida section.
Joe he’s asking about a wind mitigation insurance report…

looks like the flat is tied into main so it “LOOKS” like a other from what I see.

Yes I was just referring to the wind mitigation but, you can still be specific and not call it both lol. On our wind mit we called it other and the questioned so we provided the math but he said that was not the roof for the first story building. We informed him that since that second story was open we had to consider the first story flat roof. Thanks again people

Here’s a script that I have actually used twice this year…
when the insurance agent throws you under the bus because the client is not happy with the price & is gonna shop around. :shock:

Mark that is great to have in everyone’s arsenal. Thanks for sharing it.

You are welcome sir.
Every time it happens I refer my client to another agent that is honest.

Here’s an insulting sample message from a DUMB agent trying to save the commission. Wants a change with a pic to say there’s a roof to wall connection???

That may work with the agent (to a point), however, the underwriter has the right to delay the credits and override it with a reinspection. So, a retail report is not gospel.

It annoying, the true motive of this type of agent.