Hip or Gable

House has 280 ft of roof line. (1) 20 ft gable end. Had insurance agent tell me that because I marked that the Gable End Bracing: B. Does not meet the above minimum requirements. (Built in 1989) For the gable end that citizens will consider the roof a gable roof even though I checked hip roof do to the gable end less than 10% of the roof line. Agent says it needs to be marked C. Not applicable, unknown or unidentified even though the photos will clearly show the one short gable.

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Is this the first agent to give you lip? At the end of the day, the gable bracing is not applicable as it has no effect on the policy.

Go figure-----another insurance agent that doesn’t know his/her underwriter from his/her undercarriage :shock: Send him/her this and tell them to read it not use it as tissue;-)


Seems like most of the agents that call think they know more about inspections that the inspector. Just surprised me that citizens would consider any roof with any size gable end a gable roof and not was was noted under Roof Geometry

Not sticking up for any agent, but as the gable end is under 10% and you are calling the roof Hip, then should be selecting ‘C’ under Gable end bracing as it is not applicable, as the roof is hip. Remember, you have underwriters reading these forms, and have to make it as clear and simple as possible for them. If the roof is defined as gable, that is when you state if braced or not braced.

How tall was the gable?

Why not include a sketch and calculations?

Problem solved

It doesnt even matter if you check braced, not braced, or N/A. The whole section is moot anyway…More mental masturbation

Why is it moot? They give a discount for bracing, where required.

Most insurance companies do not give a discount for bracing anymore.

Oh really, how much of a discount? Which Carriers currently offer a discount for this feature?

Dennis is correct, per the rating structure (screenshot of pdf I have, file was too big to upload here) handed out by the Florida OIR, there are 2 basic discount categories, Hip roof or other, there is no, nor ever was a discount for braced or unbraced Gable ends.