Hip or Non Hip Roof

I marked this home non hip because of the gables on the front and back. However, the homeowner is stating he’s been getting the hip credits for a long time because it is a “Modified Hip Roof”. I’ve researched the internet and I don’t think this makes any difference on the wind mitigation but I thought I’d check all my boxes first.

Thanks for your help!

Combination roof.

It’s a gable to be counted on measurement.
Pretty sure you can call it a dutch hip.


A cross between a dutch gable and dutch hip. As Marc stated, I too would go with Dutch Hip

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The two gables on the ends make up more than 10% of the roof. So in your opinion it should be marked as other roof on the wind mitigation form?

Correct, it should be marked as “other”.
Wind mitigation has no option for a “modified hip”.
It’s not considered a hip roof.

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