Does this count as a gable?

There are a number of gable ends that are only 1/2 or less of the height of the roof (see pics)

Do these count as gables?


Yes, in my opinion. I believe they are actually called dutch hip, but either way it is an other shape.

Thanks Mike. I figured it would be hard to call them a hip…but they’re not really a gable…maybe a hible?

dutch hip is correct

Anytime I can help I am glad to do so :slight_smile:

Marc, does a dutch hip count as a hip on the wind MIT?

Edit: mike you say its ‘other’ which means not hip, right?

You have to do the math to determine if it qualifies as hip (>90%). Didn’t your training cover dutch hip roofs?

Brad, my training is the nachi training. The question is is that part of the roof hip or gable. What do you think?

Pics are the sides of my home.
BIG dutch hip style, although on a WindMit there are 2 measurements?
The entire lower side is measured hip, then you have the gable to measure also.
Brad/Mike straighten me out here if I’m wrong please. :slight_smile:
I hate dutch hips!

Paul, any style other than hip is classified “other”.

There is an example in the wind mit class with this roof. Measure the perimeter and measure the non-hip features. NH/P= %

Thanks John!

The portion of the Dutch Hip that looks like a gable - is just that, a gable or (other type) – factor in its length as measure along the bottom where it meets the shingles, and add it to any other non hip lengths when doing the math.

I agree.