Truss webs cut

1985 hip roof; all hip truss webs cut at all four corners of main roof; is there a good reason for this. The vertical 2x4 sticking up from the bottom left of a photo is not an issue. Thanks

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Sabotage is possible but this the 2nd time I’ve seen this, its making me wonder, any other thoughts?

Structural defect. Defer to a structural engineer or truss-design specialist for design and repairs.

This type of modification is not allowed without proper documentation from a qualified specialist.

The carpenter didn’t get paid or was otherwise unhappy.

Thanks everyone (deferred)

I have seen this in colder climates like mine where truss uplift is an issue. They seem to pull up on the hips harder then on the mains due to a shorter distance. It is still a defect and should never be done but may be the reason why.

Very interesting thanks Greg

boy I bet that all saw had some nasty kick back !