Hip roof

Does anyone know the term for this on a hip roof ?

Thanks for your help

mini dutch hip roof?

cheap architect?:smiley:

We called them an eyebrow. Not sure if that is the correct term though.

It’s a “dutch hip” or a “dutch gable”. Both names work but the end is usually referred to as the dutch gable.

Thanks guys

I am with Greg and here we call it an eyebrow also.

this hip roof discussion is confusing when it comes to definitions…
I have a house that is 30 yrs old and it has a dutch hip roof… nothing has been changed and the house has gone from hip roof designation to non hip designation… This can add significant cost to a insurance policy.

What is the official position on these roofs?

From a structural position they are primarily a hip roof. The loads are transferred from the roof to the walls in nearly the same way and the connection between the roof and the walls is virtually identical to a standard hip roof. Why any insurance inspection would designate it as non-hip is better answered by one of the Florida crowd.

This is what I would call an eyebrow.


The form changes is why your roof is reclassified as non-hip.

On the old form we went with any shape less than 50% of the elevation then it was classified as the larger percent.

Now it is any shape greater than 10% of the roof perimeter is classified as that shape.

A lot of people lost their hip credit due to the new form.

Does the hip roof get credit due to the greater number of roof/wall connections at the rafter ends?

It’s called “Lack of headwall flashing, dependent upon sealant that will eventually crack and dry, leaving an avenue for moisture intrusion of the roof structure.”