HIP Templates for Florida

Finally got around to getting HIP setup - And was just wondering if there were any fellow inspectors in Florida that wouldn’t mind sharing their Template that they use.

It is not much but send me an email and I’ll share

Thanks John,

Which email would you prefer I use?


Don’t forget to look at http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/index.php?option=com_jfusion&Itemid=183&jfile=index.php&topic=210.0 . There’s over 2 dozen user shared templates there.

Dom - While there may be over 2 dozen templates there, I didn’t see 1 that was from Florida.

I don’t really understand what Florida has to do with it. A House is a house wherever it is .at.

Not true Roy. Many areas do not have swimming pools. A lot of areas down here, especially my area, do not have boilers or basements. Some states allow inspectors to inspect septic tanks. Florida does not. We do not deal with snow. We also have different building codes. He can alter any template he wants to his specific area. He is just looking for the easy way out and wants one that is already done.

What Roy said. You don’t want to only look at Florida templates. The templates within Florida from inspectors in the same town will vary just as much as guys in two totally different states. You want to find a template with a structure you like. The default template was built for California originally which would be identical to the type of issues you have in Florida with few exceptions. The idea is just to find the layout (room by room, system or hybrid) and the narratives that you like. You might even find your favorite template is from a guy in Canada! I know lots of guys use the VA template by Serge and most aren’t in VA.

Yes, but California, Arizona, Nevada and quite a few other states often have pools and no snow too. Even a template from guys in New York can have pool sections (or he can merge from any other template). Snow comments could easily be deleted as you mentioned.

The problem is that if you focus on only Florida templates you might not find one with someone that has your same style. For example, some inspectors write narratives in the format “I found…” some say “We found…” others say “The problem is…”

That’s why it is a template. You have to modify it to your own liking.

No earthquakes in Florida :cool:…also…our Florida templates have Wind Mitigation, 4-pt inspections…and if you are in the Miami area will need comments when it comes to pricing estimates…Florida is a unique state in many ways when it comes to home inspections.

There’s already separate 4 point and Wind Mitigation templates in HIP Jeff. He’s looking for the actual residential template.

I understand…in ours its all together as one template with multiple document types in a single template…that helps in sharing data between the document types which is nice in some cases instead of entering the same data in twice.

Construction methods in Toronto are not the same as Miami! We live in a hot humid climate. My reports are very narrative and if that is the way you want to go then write your own template. When I switched from old school Word docs report writing to HIP it took me almost 6 months to transfer and massage my library of narratives to my own HIP template. I am constantly improving and editing my narratives and adding new-----------if you want to separate yourself from the check list style home inspector you need to write your own that is customized to your climate/area----there are no short cuts if you want to stand out !

For Florida templates just change the word “basement” to “indoor swimming pool”.

I have done a few basement here in north Fla.