HIP Florida Template

Hello, I am looking for someone willing to share a HIP template (Fl only).

Yes, I have looked on the HIP MB and there is not one there:o


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Why don’t you ask the manufacturer? Surely you are not the only one looking for this.

Pls refer to line 2 in the OP.

And yes, I have checked with their tech supt.

The best templates usu come from active heavy users.

I’d like to add to Pete’s request. Does anyone have one that FINISHES ONSITE! That they’d be willing to share?

Don’t they have a nachi template that you can add to? I would expect they would have something for you as you’re paying for it.

Do what you always have and you most likely will apply.

Redneck Pete !
I can’t believe you posted this question? Are you trolling ?
You ain’t that stupid… I know!
Let me think !.. Don’t feed the alligators and the bears!:slight_smile:
I’m a native and a friggin’ dwelling inspection is what it is.
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There’s dozens of templates that you can use Pete. Even though no Florida guy has shared one, you might like someone outside of Florida’s template better than someone inside. Guys templates will often be drastically different even if they live 5 minutes from each other. Just find a template that you like.

Why don’t you ask Pete, what is different about the Florida template he seeks and your other templates?

Is it the SoP? See attached.

It’s just an address change when referring to a comprehensive home inspection.
Not so for wind mit or 4 point.

For a wind mit or 4 point, I would, and do, use a form designed in Adobe and qpdf. 15 minutes for either one and you are done.

Some people sure do like to do things the hard way! :slight_smile:

Eric, pretty much every template follows the SOP. That doesn’t mean the templates can’t look completely different. Some guys do room x room, some do system x system, some do a combo of both, others do stuff completely differently.

It all depends on what the end user wants the report to look like. Perhaps you should ask your Florida clients what they want as far as a basic template. This isn’t the first such request.

I would think you would know how to do this.:cool:

I am a rank amateur at writing software…and I can do it. :wink:


I know some are using the Florida SOP but I question how when ti’s still under review.

It has been adopted. Everyone should be using it. There are constant “proposals of change”, which some of us are fighting.

Eric, we have well over 500 inspectors using HIP in Florida and they all have different ideas of what they want. That’s why HIP is flexible :wink: They can make it whatever they want.

Apparently…at least two can’t! :slight_smile:

I have one you can have if you want. Send me an email

Here is how I handle this…
To: Mr. Joe Homeowner Date: April 22, 2014
Inspection of:
Inspection Date and Time:

To comply with Florida Home Inspection Disclosure Statutes 468.8321.
“468.8321 Disclosures.—Prior to contracting for or commencing a home inspection, a home inspector shall provide to the consumer a copy of his or her license to practice home inspection services in this state and a written disclosure that contains the scope and any exclusions of the home inspection.”

I have attached to this email message the following documents.

  1. Florida Home Inspector License
  2. Florida Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection

Please reply acknowledging that you have received these documents

Payment is due at the time of inspection unless other arrangements have been made.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call 386-454-1584
Thank you for choosing 1st Pro Inspection

Roy Lewis

Has " Florida Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection" been finalized?

I was told yes!