Thoughts on Inspection Softwear

Currently using 3D inspection software , but Service [Tech Support sucks]
any recomendations for a good software program that is suited for Florida , ie Lot of Condos [Apartments ] very little Oil or Gas , Huge HVAC Air Conditioners , Air Handlers ,

Well if excellent service is what your looking for, you won’t be disappointed with Home Inspector Pro.

All the major players are great, and the fact that we’re in Florida means very little.

You should strip out all the canned narratives and write your own anyway, no matter which program you decide to use.

Download the free trials and give all of them a test run; you’ll be able to tell which one works for you quite quickly.


I use HG and have been very happy with the program and the services, Both are the leaders of the Home Inspections industry. Try all the free trials and use what works best for you.

Home Gauge is used by over 85% of Florida home inspectors. I heard that the State of Florida may require the use of Home Gauge templates for all inspections.
Here is a video on the wind mit template.

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Home Gauge is used by over 85% of Florida home inspectors. I heard that the State of Florida may require the use of Home Gauge templates for all inspections.
Here is a video on the wind mit template.

I also heard that Illinois is going to adopt HIP as their official software. What will you do then, move to FL? :roll:

I like that it was cute wish I had thought of that;-)

Illinois adopted Home Gauge as the official software back in 2007?
Legislators I have spoken with haven’t heard of your claims.
Where did you get this bogus info???*
There’s nothing but old and crippled people in Florida. (not to mention 5,000+ home inspectors)
Who would want to live there?**

Yes don’t move here. Nothing but swamps, snakes, mosquitoes, and old people.:roll:

Thanks, I forgot to mention the swamps, snakes and mosquitoes.:wink:

FYI, I’m also a Florida Boy.

Over a year ago I asked if any HI or if any of the report software manufacturers had a full length (or at least a long) video which shows someone actually doing an on-site inspection while inputting the data in their mobile device or laptop and then ship the final report on site. And for the viewer to be able to see that exact final report product. I have yet to see such a video. I would think something like this would behoove the report software company as it would be a fantastic marketing tool. If I could see it being done (long, detailed video (not a snip-it)), I would buy that software today.

Shout out to HIP, ReportHost, HomeGauge, Spectacular, and many others that I have heard mentioned. Do any of you software providers have video (long, detailed version) which shows an entire inspection being performed on a mobile device or laptop? If so, please post a link to the long version. I’m definitely in the market for new HI software.

No alligators?

I wrestled alligators when I was with Croc Encounters.
I heard home inspection was more exciting…so here I am.

Hey Edward, I think the main issue is that software evolves and a video like this will get outdated quickly and it’s not easy to refresh. You’d definitely want a program that continues to enhance itself as it grows and with constantly improving software like Spectacular, the marketing videos won’t be able to keep up. We want you to download Spectacular for free and get a feel for how it will work for your business. Once you’re comfortable, then make the purchase.

Edward - I just spent 12 days doing 30 parallel inspections with an inspector using Spectacular, writing the report while performing the inspection. Then printing the report onsite and giving it to his client. This is definitely the route I will be taking when my license arrives. I saw the proof of what Spectacular can do.

ReportHost provides you with multiple templates including Condo and Florida WDO, and of course you can also edit/customize or create your own too. NACHI members get 15 free reports to start - these never expire and should last you a while. We have many users in Florida.