I don't remember giving Dom that quote but it sounds like something I'd say. LOL

In case you didn’t get it… new HIP promo:


LOL, I’m not sure my face should be used to sell product. :wink:

Dom must be desperate losing too many to HomeGauge. LOL
I agree Nick maybe he should try Paige.

Homeguage = laying people off.

Home Inspector Pro = hiring more people

Your premise, as usual, is incorrect. :shock:

It’s a great picture Nick, it’s doing what it should! I think it’s getting a lot of attention from people. Here’s a response I got to that email this morning:

“You really need to do something about that picture of Nick. I showed the picture to my dog and the dog ran off. Have to go out looking for him now.”

I’am going to show it to my neighbor’s dog. Sure hope it works!

I still think HomeGauge is # 1

Nope, not until you have experienced HIP. And Merry Christmas. :):smiley:

Yep. HG does so much more :wink:

Didn’t know you were an H.I.P. user. How long and when? :eek:

Didn’t know you were an H.I.P. user. How long and when? :eek:

So how long have you had HIP ?

I’ve done my research. That being said, both are good programs (if you like PDFs), HG just has more features (that I use daily).

Originally Posted by belliott http://nachi.cachefly.net/forum/images/2006/buttons/viewpost.gif
So how long have you had HIP ?

You Hippies even think alike! LOL!

No we don’t ,right Jeff ?

Just in the sense that we both use HIP, and it is unfair for you to make a statement as such without actually using the program. Your reply of “I’ve done by research” tells me you don’t know squat!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Right, we don’t! Bob and I are two of the most opposite minded people on this MB. :wink:

I disagree Jeff as we are total opposites on this Message Board.

Isn’t that what I said? :roll:

One way to judge a type of report system is this… Do you look forward to creating a report or do you dread it? I still look forward to opening HIP and creating the best report I can. Its 1/2 of our product (the other being our inspection) and the clients love the reports. If you don’t look forward to the report writing its time to think about switching to HIP.