Hipped or other?

Florida wind mitigation. Previous wind mit said other. I think it is hipped.


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Hip and Butterfly. O and welcome to the forum, Keith.

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Hip & Valley :slight_smile:

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He’s talking about the state required wind mitigation insurance report.

  1. Do not include the front porch on measurements.
  2. I see a flat roof in back. To qualify as a hip style, there must be no other roof shapes greater than 10% of the total roof system perimeter.
    If you measured correctly & did the math - what say you? :cowboy_hat_face:

Here’s for Scott & Simon

WindMit sample.pdf (1.5 MB)

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Thanks. I’ve looked at it before but forgot :frowning_face:

How do you measure it when you cannot get on the roof?

Either estimate on site or depending on the location the property appraiser’s website will show a measured sketch.

Here’s my home on the Palm Beach County site


Neat! We’re not setup for that here.

That did not answer the op post?

That flat looking roof is metal. It looks different in the photos because of sun glare. I believe.

Thanks for the input. Really appreciate it.

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OK but I do not understand what that has to do with the price of tea in China.
Hope you get it. :cowboy_hat_face:

Blowing up the aerial shot that area referred to flat does not appear to be flat.

Thanks Bob.
It is hip or other.

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HIP & Valley.

No clue
WAFI alert!