Hipped yea or nay

I am still trying to figure out roof geometry but i am getting there.

This one has me stumped.

Thanx in advanced




What I see is a hip.

do what now?

The pictures I viewed indicate hip roof. I didnt see any gables.

I do not see any Gable ends. That would be a 100% HIP Roof based on the pictures

The roof line drops over the porch area… 15’X7’ .

Does this make a difference or treat it like a gable and measure?

BTW The measurements make this a hip…

Even though the roof extends out over the front porch the geometry is gable.

oops! I meant to say hip. sorry!

yesterdays, it’s basically an upside down pool

Geodesic dome. Nice. Now thats how you keep a roof on during a hurricane. I’m kinda partial to the yurt…


If I remember those were built specifically for wind resistance…

what did you mark on the form…:roll: