Hit my head in the attic today... safety reminder, attic safety.

I hit my head on this in the attic today, long story short… I noticed it as a hazard, forgot about it coming back out from that area… hit my head hard on it. Fortunately I had a bump cap on (I thank another member for turning me on to bump caps :wink: ). As soon as I hit it, I thought “WOW, am I glad I have head protection”. It would no doubt have been the end of the inspection and a trip to the ER and a bloody mess to clean up without head protection. Just want to make sure everyone keeps safety first! Happy and safe inspecting!


Good reminder and glad you’re good, Dave! :slight_smile:

Dave, I sent you our new version of this today. No charge: Certified Master Inspector Bump Cap

Thanks Nick!

Glad you are ok. I always at least wear a ball cap. Not nearly as good as a bump hat but doe offer “some” protection.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]I have a few battle scars on the top of my noggin and a regular ball cap just doesn’t give enough protection, a bump cap is a great idea.[/FONT]

I agree but it is better than nothing and stops the small scratches and stuff from light contact with nails and such. When I see one of the nachi bump caps in person I will try to see how it feels but I have to imagine it would be very hot in S Florida.

I have to wear baseball style caps backwards in an attic. I don’t know how many times I have walked into low lying rafters due to not seeing what’s above my eyebrows. These bump caps have a big hole in the back…