Proper inspecting hats

I wear a different hat for each type of inspection residential, commercial, Aerial thermography and of course my log cabin hat its kinda special, one of a kind special made for me even Kenton does not have one. I think he needs one $19.99 + shipping and handling oh wait that is not all I can send two for the same price just pay separate shipping and handling;-)

Charley, how about the red hat? Or is that one just for the Ladies Night out.? ;):mrgreen:

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My Red hat is a special special hat not everyone gets to see it;-)

Special all right. :):twisted::wink:

Hard hat is the only hat I will where during an Inspection. Baseball cap with Certified Master Inspector is what I where to the Inspection and Cowboy hat when I go to the fair grounds.

Agreed. Kenton to have the hat for log homes.

I wish I was wearing my bump cap hat last week in the crawlspace. I wouldn’t have opened up the top of my bald head :slight_smile:

Here you go, shipmate.


I have had that happen also Troy! I hate wearing it in crawlspaces but man has it saved me getting goose eggs on my head and my head being made into a pin cushion.

Seeing Charley in that hat only brings one thing to mind…Pimpin ain’t easy!!! 😜

I know how you feel, ugh. I left a chunk of my back trying to squeeze back out of an attic earlier last week. Stupid 16d nails sticking through tile roof battens…

First thought was “I had my last tetanus shot when ??? Oh yeah, last June”

Just did that last month :slight_smile:

I heard somewhere that is what airdales wore in the chow line:p

You inspecting chimneys now Charley?!