Look out for these in attics and crawlspaces.

I encounter these all the time and remember a time when I first started out where I got zapped pretty bad in the head from a broken light bulb that was still energized.

Keep an eye out for these things when you are entering into a confined space or have to duck under something to move around. One of these buggers may be lurking on the other side when you go to put your head up.

I used to wear a hardhat or bump cap when ever I went into an attic or crawlspace because of this. I am going to have to get back into the practice because I am encountering more and more of these for some reason.

I wear a bump cap almost always now. It seems that there is some weird attraction with bald heads and every dang sharp point in attics. Tired of looking like I got in a knife fight when I leave and attic.

I got the best cure for it is called MATT. He is the guy who does all my attic work! Not a bump or cut on my head since he was hired. He is bald as well and I think he just does it for Bonus’s and brownie points.:smiley:

Russell, I am a few years away from getting me my own MATT. It will definitely be own my goal sheet.:mrgreen:

I cracked my head so hard once (on a mobile home’s metal frame) that I spent $800 on an emergency room visit to get sewn up.

I wear one of these EVERY time I go in a crawl space. Better than a hard or bump cap because it snaps on and stays in place. Cost is about $25. Visit your local motorcycle shop. The official name is a “novelty helmet”. Some just call them brain buckets. Not an official DOT approved helmet (which would cost a lot more).