Every time I get through “server too busy” all of the posts say first one to reply… and there is at least half a dozen posts:roll::frowning:

I know

It’s always like that. Some people have a faster connection. When the thread first pops up I get on it. hit enter and there are already about half dozen ahead of me.

Oh well. Merry Christmas.

^^^^what they said.

I wish I had a million dollars. Hot Dog!!!

Yup. Needs to switch it up a bit. “8th one to reply” etc. Not complaining but pretty frustrating this year.

Merry Christmas! More inspecting tomorrow. :lol:

I’m back, so go ahead and start

Don’t use the search function, it’s too slow. Just refresh the Special Deals for InterNACHI Inspectors Forum

The first Tim to posts wins…

They used to do this. But now it’s the first. …

There is a secret method some of us know about .

It’s the first because it generates more web hits that way


How doing Dave? No convention this year to go have some drinks at, but I hope you and yours have an awesome Christmas and New Year, you’re a good man!

So share it with the few of us on this thread.

Yes, correct. I thought about that several times today. # of hits.

I would think the XMas party is over, no?

Must be. My wife is wanting me off the computer also. LOL.

I just got in a couple hours ago and kept getting server to busy errors.

Thanks Tim, I hope you have a great holiday season as well.

Maybe next year we can meet up in Vegas again. I missed the arm wrestling match with Bob last year so possibly we can have a rematch of that as well.:smiley:

ha. I just spent the last 30 minutes hitting new post button when I finally saw a prize post there was already 20 something replies. I’m running Fios, which is pretty fast.