Hmmm, THIS home inspector 'get-it' on wall anchors and says it, shows it

so what’s duh matter with other home inspectors I ask? yeah, okay, sure, pfft.
see the comments below video, he gets it.

kudos to him.

question, why doesn’t Nachi or ashi have a video, a write up about this crap, wall anchors and INT systems? What’s the problem?

Here’s what the outside of foundation walls look like AFTER these scammers install wall anchors

Why no Nachi video like the above two ? Do ya wanna help new HI’s and homeowners or sit back and say nothing, the usual which enables these morons.

Video 2 above, the installation of the wall anchors CAUSED more holes, defects on exterior of wall!!!
Hence that allows MORE water etc to enter basements, knock knock, is anybody home?

Bowed in foundation walls, exterior cracks, leaky basements pretty important n costly don’t cha think? Got nachi videos and articles on other LESS important shtt, but not this when it would be very helpful to HI’s and homeowners, but whatever, your org

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