Hole in stucco siding?

Hi Inspectors,

I have never seen anything like this and would appreciate your input. The pictures are kind of small :neutral:

See on the side of this gutter, there is a gaping hole in the stucco siding. As far as I know there are no “weep holes” like this. Could this be for something, or is it just a plain BAD spot in the stucco job?? Your thoughts?


100_4738 (Small).JPG

Bad spot where the drip edge meets the wall.

What did it look like from above?

Not much of a kickout diverter there!

It needs this.


Yikes…looking at those pictures makes me dizzy…were you standing on one leg?

I would think a hole in the siding…be it stucco or any other siding material is a bad thing.


Made me dizzy too:wha?: I was on top of a 20 ft ladder with my zoom on my camera at max. It was a way up. Thats why the pic sucks. But I got the shot paw!