Holy Deck a Moly

Yesterday’s inspection had one heck of deck or shall I say decks. Everything was solid and well fastened to the structure, but I did mention my concerned about lack of knee/diagonal bracing on the support beams. Investment property for rental, so I did recommend further evaluation.



Good call, the top right portion appears to be supporting a stone chimney.


Good eye and yep! Outdoor wood burner. Hot tub on the deck below. Good underneath support, but the outside is lacking IMO.

Here in Baltimore County we have a new directive for rental inspections. “G)Homes with 2-6 apartments; Do the wood balcony railings meet the requirements of the minimum livability code?” Looks like you qualify! Unfortunately, no one - including the administrators, actually know how the minimum livability code applies.

Yiksers. And the post bases?
In my area that’s a mandatory professional deck inspection right there… every 5 years.