Home Advisor

Anyone get a call from Home Advisor? Saying they have teamed up with NACHI to help inspectors get leads. Couldn’t talk to him when he called. Calling back on Monday. Any info anyone?

They used to go under the name Service Magic. Do a search on this board for hundreds of discussions.


I get calls weekly from folks like that. I forget who they say they are. I say are you trying to sell me something? They say yes I say have a great day :slight_smile:

They have called a few times and once again a couple of weeks ago. I did not have anything going on at the time so I gave them a false sense of satisfaction as I acted interested. Finally after listening to him for ten minutes I told them that the last company that I worked for had used their company when it was Service Magic. I told him of all the problems that we had with their company. They were sending leads that were to disconnected phone numbers and others that were not interested in having anything done. He finally caught on that I had no interest in using Home Advisor and I was only wasting his time. He asked why I did this. I told him that since they did not take no for an answer the other numerous times that they called, that they obviously did not care about wasting peoples time. I do not think that he understood my way of thinking.

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