Home Advisor

I don’t know if anyone on here uses home advisor. I have never used them. I have considered from time to time. But It never sounds like the right marketing tool. I get calls all the time. This last time the guy asked why I wasn’t interested. I told him. I am not interested in paying per lead without some type of protection for me. I told him I don’t like that leads get sent to me and other home inspectors, so it just becomes a bidding game.

He then informed me how I was wrong that only one home inspector receives the leads. So I check into it and that was a bold faced lie. 5-6 people get the lead I was also told the only fee’s were per lead. The annual feel was not mentioned.

I don’t know about you I get a bad vibe everytime I talk to someone from home advisor. I don’t deal with people who lie, besides I’ve always had a bad feeling about this company.

I thought about paying for leads one time, but then I had a margarita and sobered up.

Be very nice to the them and let them know that you are not interested. Wrong if you don’t get upset and tell them where to go they will haunt you down. The last time they contacted me I went off the deep end for probably the 50 - 60 time and they still had the nerve to call back.