Home Advisor ???

I am a new buisness trying to get up and going. I recently got set up on home advisor to help boost my incoming work, the first week it was booming but after that it has slowed down from them. far less leads now, has anyone else dealt with this?

They got your money. On to the next ‘Rube’!

Did you bother to read any of the 101 already existing threads on this topic?

I use Home Advisor. First week was slow, second and third weeks went great, now is slow again. Like anything else, it ebbs and flows.

Once the initial fee is paid, HA makes its money by distributing leads, so they have incentive to deliver.

It has paid for itself several times over, but it should not be one’s sole means of marketing.

Um, excuse me Mr, attitude . I wasn’t able to find one,maybe it was just me over Looking it by mistake!

Kinda figured that, lesson learned.






And the list goes on and one.

There are 40+ threads with “Home Advisor” in the title, and another 7 with the word Homeadvisor" in the title.

I’m just saying, part of making it as a home inspector is ability to do research.
Reading this forum everyday is invaluable. I learn something new everyday, and on some of those days, I learn what to not do. :wink:

The links you posted are helpful, but for some reason I am not able to see them when I search it in the search bar here. when doing it through google it shows up for some reason.

INACHI forum search is seriously lacking and something they can vastly improve on!

From the menu bar, go to search and select advanced search. That usually works better.

Thanks, and apologies for the earlier comment. just took it the wrong way. Now that I see all this about HA I am looking for ways out of this deal with the devil.

No worries. Tone of voice gets lost in a plain text post. :slight_smile:

I find the most efficient way to search is through google using:

site:www.nachi.org “your search term”

It seems to cut through a lot of the less than desirable results.

Thanks everyone for the info on this subject, all I can really do now is hope I get a few more leads. I have made my money back from the investment with them from leads they gave me so of far. but I have received a few that the people accidentally contacted me etc and HA did give me a refund. Just hoping for the best for the next 11 months then I will tell them see ya!

Make sure you read the “fine print” of the steps you must take to cancel with them! There are certain scumbag vendors that will make it virtually impossible to get a clean break from them. You may even need to have your CC reissued (new exp. date and security code) to make sure they can’t charge the card for the renewal fee, forcing you to play the “getting your money back” game!!

Yes I too use Google first. However the Members Only section is not indexed by Google so anything there will not show in the Google results. Many times that is where the information that is wanted is located.

Thanks for the pointers on this subject.