Home Advisor

Hey Guys, I received a phone call from a company called Home Advisor. I haven’t returned their phone call, I looked them up and they seem to be the old Service Magic. Have any of you dealt with Home Advisor before?

Do a search for Service Magic here. Some like it, some do not. Kind of like a lot of things here.

I tried it for a couple of months and did not received any benefit. It could be worth a try though, your results may be different.

I get calls from them every month. I marked my phone with SPAM on the caller ID.

Enough said!

Got It… I’ll give them a call later today. Thanks Guys!

Save your breath. They will charge you for each phone call they send your way. About $12 each. Price shoppers, out of your area price shoppers, and probably a few bogus leads that there is absolutely no contact info on.

If you want to hear your phone ring, then just have a friend or relative call it once in a while. It’s a lot cheaper.