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Interestingcould this be the future of home sales .
How aboutdoing an inspection then selling the report at the auction .
**I wonder whatthe liability could be . **
I will send a copy to the NACHI lawyer to get his thoughts Roy

BC firm sayshome auctions provide better transparency
A British Columbia real estate firm is hoping to persuade the marketthat home auctions offer better transparency.

Harcourts Canada will hold its first auction on March 2 and wants to dispel theimage of distressed sales and foreclosures by putting transparency at the heartof its operations.

"It’s got to be really crystal clear and there’s got to be a lot ofsupport and information,” CEO Harden Duncan told the CBC.

Although auctions are not seen frequently in Canada, they are a key part of thereal estate market in Australia and New Zealand

NACHI is great Mark’s day off and he gave me an answer .

My initialthought is that you would rather do the inspection for the company hosting theauction.
That would be your client.
You’d have a contract withthem.
You’d want to include something in your contract with them thatrequires them to provide some kind of disclaimer to potential bidders so thesuccessful bidder can’t come after you.
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