Home Gauge Mold Test Report

I’ve been taking the Nachi Advanced Mold Inspection course and it refers to using Home Gauge’s Mold Inspection Report. When I load Internachi’s HG Narrative library it brings up several “options” like log homes, pools and spas, etc, but nothing for a Mold Inspection. Anybody have any experience with this? Any advise is appreciated.

Welcome back to the forum John. I don’t have any experience with that but maybe @kshepard can help.

John, I’m the author of that library and I’ve never written any narratives for mold because I’ve never seen the need for it and in 13 years you’re only the second person to ask. A mold report will contain the results of lab analysis and a recommendation that will vary with individual properties. I really wouldn’t know what to write that would be applicable to all homes.

Thanks Kenton. I agree with you and have been doing what you describe. However, Ben G. refers to using HG for his mold inspection report throughout the Advanced Mold course, so I thought I’d ask. I probably should just reach out to him.

HG just has a template for mold. It is not anything special.


I think Ben was just referring to the fact he was using HG software. For a mold inspection, you will have to create a template just like you did for your regular home inspections, except it will be focused more on items having to do with moisture intrusion. As an example, you probably won’t have an electrical section. There may be some sample templates out there you can borrow/steal from.

So, I have HG desktop. Not web writer. It has a mold template but no useful narratives. I am not sure if there are any canned narratives available.

Thanks for all the input on this. Your feedback got me thinking about what I can do with HG to create a more standardized mold template.


Keep in mind that there is a difference between a “mold inspection” and “mold testing.”

A mold inspection not only looks for mold, but also looks for conditions conducive to mold (mostly related to moisture intrusion or moisture build-up).

A mold test is just a test. I have done several mold tests that were just a stand-alone test. No report template needed for these stand-alone tests. The report from your mold lab is all that you will be giving to your client.


Good distinction Ryan, thanks. I’d say 95% of the time I’m doing mold tests for people as a peace of mind thing to make sure nothing is way off. However, once in a while a get a unique situation where I do need to write up a report and it usually requires writing a bunch of disclaimers, language on standards used, scope of work, etc that I’d love to have in a template preloaded for limited and full mold inspections.

@bgromicko1 Yo, Ben, any input here??

Here’s another “distinction” for ya… I don’t do “Mold Testing”, I perform “Mold Survey’s”.
Huge difference in liability when ya think about it.
Most of my Survey’s do not require any Lab test’s what-so-ever.
My Survey reports typically amount to a Summary Report of the process taken and my general observations and opinions.
IF Lab tests were taken, a brief explanation of the Lab results (copy included with my report) are given with referral to an Industrial Hygienist for further review/evaluation/testing/and repair as deemed necessary by the IH.

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