Home Gauge Software

any comments on this software verses Report host?

Home Inspector Pro beats them both.

Go with fast,lightweight,and looks.

Bob no it doesn’t. :wink: I have actually used both. Both are great programs but HG has the edge in my opinion.

Everyone knows that…

except Bob.

He’s still “refining” his reports, offsite, after more than 8 years now.

I use home gauge for 8 years no problems easy to use

And 3D blows them all out of the water where features and usability are concerned.

I’ve been using it over 11 years and have been extremely satisfied with it. :smiley:

Be prepared, as with any new program you will have a learning curve, and yes, you get what you pay for - do yourself a favor & don’t skimp when it comes to your report software program

This of course is where the rubber meets the road - View my sample report at http://www.thehome-inspection.com/images/Samplereport.PDF


Like I have said before. You are either a Home Gauge user and drive the most reliable,popular and most longest lasting report in the home inspection industry or you drive a less inferior report system that may or may not be reliable.
Reminds me of the Ford verses Dodge debate that really is not a debate at all.:mrgreen:

The above opinion isn’t worth much.

Just thought you should know.:wink:

Yes Michael you are right but then again you probably still drive a Pinto. LOL

Look at this it is still hanging around like a big turd over Ford.
They actually put a dollar value on human life and did not fix the problem until 8 years later.

Actually a nice Volvo S60 AWD

Sorry you gave up but at least you and Kevin endorse the same products.

Please explain in detail.
Useless video aside what you think in your mind is better.
Hip is best looking to clients so take that argument off the table and go from there.

Should we compare sample inspection reports by appearance and have a vote? Let’s compare my Homegauge sample report to Bob’s HIP sample report and see what people think. Put up a vote for best appearance and easiness to read



First off that sample is 8 years old and who knows how many HIP updates.
Pl;ease provide a sample from 8 years ago.

Second you are rude not to contact me first making you a J.O .

Third your report is difficult to read with print going across the entire width of the page …how does that print ?

Next you are not a client ,just some J.O.

5th how does that print out for Lawyers and Agents ?

No bookmarks on the side ?
Pretty trashy and could not get a good print.

No color borders to make it easy to navigate ?

Gosh even my first ever report looks better than your present day cr-p,how long you been inspecting ?

How long did you spend at home cherry picking …LOL
What a J.O

Hey you put that report out as a representation of your work for the whole world to see and I’m a JO for pointing it out. I’m not rude, just sick and tired of hearing you trash other peoples decisions for not purchasing HIP.

BTW, the report your looking at is the HTML version that allows for expanding photos. The report prints out perfect when it’s a PDF. Just open your eyes and click the PDF button on the top right of the report.

Hey idiot doesn’t. Hg have captioning or do are your reports an example of inferior laziness on your part even after cherry picking your best.
By the way the title is not websites comparison

Frankly Bob you should be thanking me for pointing out your 8 year old or 8 year olds attempt at a sample report.

Wow!!! Does HIP have spell-check???