Inspection Reports

I am currently using a on site computer report system and it is ok, but it takes a lot of time to create on site. I am looking to purchase a good report software program.I am looking at Home Inspector Pro and it seems to be ok, but does anyone have any recommedations on what I should look into?

Thanks,John Cubit
JC Home Inspections

John, I did this debate last year, and Home Inspector Pro won hands down. Email me, and I will send you a sample report of what I do with HIP.

It does take some getting used to, but the HIP website has very helpful tutorials, and Dominic is ALWAYS there if I Msg him. I swear the man never sleeps.

You need to look no further. HIP is a good route to go. Go to Dominic site and starting reading the threads. Become a Hippie!!

Use the search function and you’ll find a lot of information. I recommend HomeGauge but Home Inspection Pro is also recommend by a lot of folks. Visit their websites and try them out. Good luck.

Yep, look at HIP and HG and go with your gut because both are great.

I recommend creating an inspection report (use you home if needed) with the different software choices you are considering. You will automatically start to lean towards the one that is right for you.

HomeGauge is great for entering information onsite. I use a tablet pc and it makes it a breeze. I do my complete inspection and before I leave, I go and enter all my details like manufactures and serial numbers. The Smart sentence feature and auto-comments make it easy to crank out a report in no time after you get it all set up to your individual reporting style. There is always someone to help out with problems you might have a hard time working through on either this board or the HG board.

Download a trial version and watch some of the training videos on the site before you decide if you like it or not. You would be amazed at all the ways you can tweek the report templates to do whatever kind of report you want.

Also, HomeGauge comes with magic pixie dust that automatically gets you more money for your inspections. Don’t use too much though because you’ll end up filthy rich.

That’s exactly what they say about Home Inspector Pro.
Hold out till the end of the week,as Dominic is releasing yet another Hippie upgrade.

It just keeps getting better and better.

What upgrade Robert?

Don’t believe Bob. Dom just went to the craft store and bought some packets of glitter.

If you call total template control,editable on the fly,with lightning speed picture dowload,Fantastic border and font mastery,to go with a program that writes straight to PDF,suppoted by a MB that is becoming increasingly popular in it"s on right,with traffic that allows inspectors to ask questions and compare notes,along with a wish list forum ,moderated by Dominic Maricic,who just happens to also have the best web hosting on the planet,to go along with his NACHI MB pressence and NACHI member of the year awards,plus the report with a summery auto generated if you wish,and an index on th
e left side witch acts as links to go straight to the individual sections that you alone controland create.

Yeah,just more glitter from the bastard.

Have used both and for time and ease of use, HIP seems to be the better of the 2. Dominic(as mentioned before) never sleeps and always around to help you in any way he can. He has even, on occassion, remotely taken over my computer and set me on the right track as I’m computer illiterate. HG is good but takes a long time report writting for me.
Definetly try HIP.

I was kidding Bob. HG doesn’t really come with pixie dust.

Darnit. I thought you were serious and I spent the last 6 hours trying to figure out how to get some pixie dust to add to the program!! I caught Tinker Bell about half an hour ago but I guess I’ll let her go now :mrgreen:

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HIP is the way to go, clean report, easy to use,learning curve is small and with Dom the support is the best you will find.

I have tried several report writers. I use my own. Most are too intricate for a client to understand. Takes me about 30 minutes to write up any inspection, and another 12 minutes to print out three copies. My report is about 18 to 24 pages long, and contains several paragraphs/verbage for litigation protection. See Dr. Swift’s Inspect and Protect. A must read.