Home Gauge TRM Thanks!

I took advantage of the cyber Monday special and signed up for Home Gauge Services. So far the experience has been great and I really love the TRM feature, especially that there is no additional per report fee! I look forward to the TRM upgrades and receiving the benefits of HG services. I only wish I had signed up sooner!

It is pretty cool.

HomeGauge is awesome. I took advantage of the cyber Monday HG services deal.

TRM is a great feature that I use with every report upload. I always wondered why it is not listed on HG’s website as a feature (unless I’m overlooking it). http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/services/index.html
TRM is too good to keep it a secret… :wink:

lol…Thanks guys! That old website. We are whacking on it now . New HG website coming soon.

HG Services has something for everyone and it is priced low because of the many who use it. We actually have a few more good things coming to HG Services this year along with some enhancements to TRM.

TRM Time Release Messaging. Set up template letters to trigger by time since the inspection. 2 days from now send them a thank you letter, 2 months from now send this, 6 months from now etc. This gives you a way to start doing annual inspections for your customer too. Works for agents as well