Home Inspection Check Scams

There are people trying to scam Home Inspectors by lumping services together and then asking for the overpayments to be sent to them.
“I have to write only one check that will include the Mold Inspection as well. Hope we can work this out.”
The guy trying to scam in this case was a person claiming to be Bryan Ouellette.
First clues:

  1. His English was terrible.
  2. I contacted the listing agent and she had no clue who this guy was.
  3. Wants to bundle services that I don’t provide.
  4. Phone is busy when I try to call.

Watch out for this!


Old news.
Been goin on almost as long at the ‘Nigerian Prince’ scams!!


Welcome… and since you’re new here, take some time and go through some/all of the old posts.
You’ll be amazed at what you’ve missed so far!

That’s setting some pretty high expectations. :wink:

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I can only speak for the quality of my thousands of posts! :wink:

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Old scam Paul but thanks for the reminder. :+1:

I am currently in contact with the guy who tried this last year. He is sending my fee and the MOLD INSPECTOR fee plus an extra 50 for my trouble. Last time I told him the seller doesn’t know him and it stopped. This time I am making him send me a check just to cost him. I hope no one falls for this. Only some one hungry for work would not listen to that inner voice.