Home Inspection presentation topics

Folks, can someone help me with presentation topis for home inspection issue. I am new to the business and going to do a presentations in next month, and the realtors are asking to talk about current relevent home inspection issue rather then my prices or packages. They are not interested in Mold, Asbestos, Oil talk, Alminum wiring, 60 amps, UFFI and Vermiculite related issues.

I am wondering if someone have any suggestions/recommendation about what to dissucss for 10 minutes in there meeting…


Try something like common defects. Loose handrails, loose porch doors, things to that effect.

Take some pastries/bagels…good ones.

Introduce yourself. Do not use any lingo suggesting you are a greenhorn.

Remind them you are important because it shifts liability from the realtor to the home inspector.

Take a sample of a good report that contains no alarming lingo.

Do not cite code or speculate in your report.

Take brochures/flyers/cards

Open the floor to questions. Only the agents know what is an issue to them. There is not a one size fits all presentation. Let the agent tell you what their concerns are and try your best to ease their minds.

Believe you are the best inspector for them and it will show.

Start with smaller offices to bust your cherry and then move on to the heavy hitters.

You will not capture the entire office…you should make it your goal to get to at least one of these agents and do such an outstanding job, that word gets around.

Do a sloppy job or skunk a deal…word gets around too.

And always follow up. Don’t go to an office and think that one visit is sufficient. Make your face known in the office.

Go for it…and the best of luck to you.



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Hope this helps;

I would try to educate them on how to prepare for a home inspection.

Like access areas being accessible.
Pets and small children hinder inspections.
Electrical panels and utility clearances.

Good time to talk about Pre-listing inspections as this is relevant to preparing.

This only applies to listing agents, as buyers agents have no influence on this. Listing agents have little control. Otherwise I would not have found turds in toddler potties, sex toys in all sorts of places, people having sex and the list goes on.

Good Luck!



Educate them on the many failures in the attempt to legislate quality into a home inspection.

Forclosure / bank owned home inspections.

You can tell them that as home inspectors we show our clients how to maintain their homes. We are not there to kill the deal, but to educate the buyer on how best to maintain the home. You could explain the value of a seller having their home inspected before putting it on the market.
All the best

How about 10 minutes on “Ethics in the real estate transaction.”

I feel sorry for you, having to preach to realtors.

You can’t legislate quality into a home inspection, but you can legislate standards.

I have eaten many low quality meals and the restaurant industry is highly regulated.

You can not measure quality but you can have an inspector adhere to
State standards. There will more than likely be many “rogue” inspectors that do not meet your standards for quality.

Licensing has not shaken those types out of Maryland inspections. At least not yet.