Home inspection schools

Who approves these schools. Since i have been off of work i have had a bunch of home inspector students call me to do a walk through with them for there final test to graduate from there inspection school. Out of 3 of them i would not let them inspect a door sitting on the shelf of Home Depot. NACHI has free classes and CMI has free classes an these people are paying thousands of dollars to learn nothing.

Which schools. Send me an e-mail.

If they are no good, we will de-list them.

How many hours of schooling should a person attend to become a HI?

Enough that they have a clue what they are doing!

I love when people think that going to some home inspection school for a couple of months is going to teach them what they need to know in order to become a home inspector. It takes life experience and the ablity to retain and recall information. That’s why minimum standards testing come in. What good is schooling if they don’t have a solid curriculum?

6 or 7 thousands hours ought to pretty much do it.

Hi schools are in the business of making money they don’t give a squat about the finished product and I see the results all of the time.


That is sad…funny as hell but sad!

This is the issue … one of the issues… that makes the concept of state licensed home inspectors so ridiculous.

When ASHI presidents (disguised as “coalitions”) begin working with the weak minded legislators who are easy to convince they are “doing something for the consumer” by sponsoring such a bill…they push their own vendors of education to provide training for home inspectors.

Since these vendors already have courses consisting of XX hours, those are the hours of required education that are written into bills.

Magically and mystically…your question becomes answered. This becomes the number of hours that it takes to provide a shoe salesman with the skills to inspect homes and report on them.

When he finishes these classes and pays his fees…the protected consumer is assured that his license - and all licenses - provide him with the same degree of competence and qualities necessary to inspect a home.

Proponents of licensing bills argue that a test…a class…mandatory E&O…is better than nothing; as if “nothing” was the option.

These steps are not better than the built in system of competition that already exists in a market where even the best of home inspectors can fail for a variety of factors. Poorly skilled inspectors offering cut rate prices whither and die like leaves falling from trees.

But provide these poorly skilled inspectors with the same license as the experienced and qualified inspector…and the consumer is tricked into hiring him over and over and over.

Licensing laws have not kept bad inspectors from inspecting…or from obtaining state approved licenses to inspect.

Next argument: Licensing is the means of identifying and ridding the market of bad inspectors.

Where is licensing enforced to that degree? How many times have you read where “good” inspectors are victims of frivilous complaints and law suits? Do good inspectors in licensed states lose their licenses with every consumer complaint? Every law suit?


The facts are there. Licensing solves nothing.

Of course, none of this is applicable on the planet of Texas.

How do you know you have a clue on what you are doing? You wait for somebody to tell you this or take a test that is taught in the classroom?
What makes a person qualified to be a home inspector?

Well when i went to school for explosives. We had 15 people in the class. 14 1/2 people survived the class. The test was a little ruff. But it did weed out the one that was not qualified.

I have a different question, What makes a person qualified to TEACH Home Inspection?

Qualification is very simple…

Those that Can Not Do Inspections…, TEACH…


That was my next question because I see inspectors with less qualifications then me teaching. I am probably the most certified inspector in Central Missouri but I do not think that qualifies me to teach classes in Missouri.