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Hi all. I’m new to the forum and hope I’m not out of line with this question. My college-age son is working on a school project and is trying to figure out which are the top 5 home inspection software projects by market share. We can make some guesses by visiting the various forum software threads, but it occurred to us that the top 5 are already probably well known by participants in this forum.

Could someone care to take a stab at a list of the top 5 most used software programs/services
for creating residential home inspection reports? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Home Inspection Pro

Whisper Reporter

Whisper Reporter

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HomeGauge, Home Inspector Pro, Spectora, EZ Inspect, and Spectacular.
Not necessarily in this order.

Very roughly at least as far as everyone who’s posted on this board over the last 5+ years,

Home Inspector Pro: 45%
Home Gauge: 45%
Everyone else: 10%
Though Spectora is growing quickly.

Now if you were to look at all HI across the country, the numbers are probably a little different.

But top 5? There simply isn’t a top 5. Most of the other dozen or so programs have very little market share.

Thanks!! Could you take a guess at where the top 3 stand I terms of market share?

Thanks again.


HomeGauge, Home Inspector Pro, Spectora. I don’t believe the others are spread close to evenly with 10%. There’s no industrywide method for determining marketshare that I know of. Software companies don’t submit their numbers to anyone.
Only a small percentage of inspectors in N. America post on the message boards so I’m not sure how accurate an impression you can form from what’s posted here. Even those who post here may not often post about software.
My guess is 35% each to HomeGauge and Home Inspector Pro, and the rest divided to various degrees among:

The only way to get even a halfassed idea would be to contact each one and hope they’ll tell you the truth.

Thanks so much for your responses. I really appreciate it!