Software .. Most popular, Best rated

I would like to know what others find work Best ?

Tried HomeGauge, tried Home Inspector Pro, tried Palm Tech, tried FastFields.

I stopped trying out software when I started using Inspector Nexus. That’s the one I use now.

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Please search. This topic has bee. discussed ad nauseam.

Personally i use homegauge but i am shopping for an alternative.

That is what I would use if I was not retired. :smile:

Jeff Pope is an inspector here and has a great built a great product, IMHO.


paper & pencil.

Home Inspector PRO. Still have my R2R as well.

I like, but I am admittedly biased :sunglasses:

I’m using Spectora. I have received lot of good feedback from clients and Realtors alike. Potential clients can go on my website get a quote, see my availability and even book their own inspection before even having talk with me. Kind of nice when I pick up my phone and have a text message telling me I have a booked inspection. I think they do the first five inspections for free they’re definitely worth checking out to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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Thanx , I have downloaded it , checking it out

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I’m on my 3rd software and believe HomeGauge is best (what I currently use). If I were to start over tomorrow, I’d switch to Spectora; they’re definitely the best looking reports IMO.

Again I use 3D Inspect. The photo’s go where they belong automatically, are fully editable with arrows and narrative. Been using it for about 6 mos now and I find it to be completely what I need, tried Home Gauge for a month and couldn’t get it to do the same thing. Good luck.

Carson Dunlop Horizon. Very good software.

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Thanx Vincent ! Greatly appreciated. To bad we couldn’t test them all, or see them all side by side and see which appeals to us .


I’m in the market for new software as well. Am I correct that InspectorNexus doesn’t have any sort of summary available so that the client has a consolidated list of things needing attention as opposed to having to sift through the entire report?

I’ve always used HIP but have considered Home Gauge if I ever switch. Why are you looking for an alternative?

Thanx Robert …
That’s what I am using , trying to learn the Horizon Mobile software… I think I’ll stick to it , plus they have support to assist when needed .


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I prefer using online Horizon and Horizon laptop seeing I carry a Surface Pro 6 in my attache case.
I like Horizon offline and find it more more accurate with narrives, but it’s not as user friendly meaning that it takes me longer to build a full report on my Surface Pro 6 than with my main Intel PC. WIN 10 Pro 64 OS, Gigabyte Z390 UD mobo, I7 9700K, 16 gigs of Trident 3200mhz Ram, RTX 2070 Super GPU, 500gb M.2 drive in one slot, 2.5 terabyte of SSD, 2 terabyte HDD. :thinking:Than again, I have a very powerful PC. No wonder it’s faster. Lol.
I build PC’s for a hobby. I just finished an AMD Ryzen build.
Here’s my Intel PC.


Need help feel free to call anytime.

Thanx Robert !
I’m just trying to get going so I want to see what’s out there and get others opinions, as I have made mistakes just thinking I know better in other things .I just would like the input from others before I Totally commit to investing all the time and effort into wrapping my head around the software. I’m not very good with computers etc, and it’s taking time to learn HorizonMobile, but I think it’s worth the effort. Plus very good support which is very important. Like anything… once a person finds something you really like , why risk being disappointed in trying elsewhere. I’m solely focused on the very Best I can do in all areas… and it’s so very important to have the very Best product to offer show and prove I’m worth the future considerations .

Call them at Horizon. Try the software for 30 days. Tell them I sent you. Ask for Aaron. John K might answer the phone as well. Great support. Usually has benefits like longer trials.

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