home inspector/contractor insurance

I am considering taking the test for general contractors license to add more credentials to my home inspection business. I am not interested at this time doing any contracting. Any thoughts on insurance changes. I currently pay around 2700.00 annually for E & O.


Gus Verras

Your coverage cost will not change, but you will be required to carry a bond to become and remain a licensed CA contractor. Becoming/being a licensed GC does not add any “credentials” to being a Home Inspector.

If you’re looking to add legitimate inspection-related credentials, take inspection-related courses. You can become certified through ICC or ICBO with specialties in any given system and/or multiple systems.

Gus ponders:

As a former top producing REALTOR, if I saw an inspector with general contractor credentials… it would spook me. Your independence would immediately become suspect.

Jeff suggests:

I agree with Jeff. Then put all your http://www.nachi.org/certificatesofcompletion.htm everywhere. Turn your “My Qualifications” page on your website into a wall of them.

I agree it dose not add to you inspection credentials Ive been doing Inspections since 2002 & have been a C-20 contractor since 2005. Every time I do the hole house they assume that Em going to take the HVAC system apart & check every component. I still follow NACHI standards of practice when performing these even know Im not a member any more this place still rocks,

A g.c.license might change your status from a generalist to a specialist if there was any litigation and has the potential of exposing you to more liability.