Home Inspector + Land Surveyor

Any home inspectors out there who are also able to provide elevation certificates and surveys? How hard was it to get the license? How much experience is required? I have been getting a lot of calls for them lately with the new regulations. Wondering if I am missing out on opportunities or if I should just find someone to refer.

Usually surveyors have a minimum of a bachelors degree in civil engineering or surveying. I believe that all states require a license as well. It is not an easy field and your records must be meticulous.

Find a good surveyor to use for referrals unless you plan on going back to school and jumping through numerous education and licensing requirements.

Doesn’t that Nathan guy have someone in his pocket? Oops… I mean have connections to? Errr… know someone to recommend? :shock:

Simple answer, no

Same as PE, minimum 4yr civil engineering degree, minimum 4yr working under the direct supervision of a registered surveyor and passing an 8hr bad a** test. Its very hard to get it here in Missouri. Most surveyors will not take on a rookie fearing they will become tomorrows competition.