Home inspector Moving to Palm Beach

I’m a Nachi home inspector who has been inspecting in California for 2 years. I am moving to Florida, specifically West Palm Beach, to help my daughter get through college at FAU. I hope to buy property and make this area my home. I’m interested in working for another company more so, than starting my own business. However, able to sub either p/t or f/t…

I’m using HomeGauge now, I’ve used HI-Pro and palm tech as well and can adapt to whatever system you want to provide. My background is 3 years of building trades school, 9 years of building single family homes from the ground up, 7 years of real estate appraisal, 2 years of commercial inspection… with other areas of work and school experiences that aid in a higher degree of job performance and bringing more benefit to your company.

Any responses looking to add to your inspection team, can send me an email to: houseinspectors@yahoo.com

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Kurt T Kopf
Nine Zero Eight 910 Six 4 Zero 2

Not another Florida inspector!
Just what we need…
Just Jokin’

Good luck, there were 4 help wanted posts a week or 2 ago.

So true and now here in the South we are going to be kicking them out as quick as possible due to House of horrors 2.

This is where inspectors come to Die and just do inspections to have something to do therefore saturating the market and reducing the prices.

Soon we will have an inspector for every house for sale. No offense to OP. Good luck to you as 1 more sure is not a big deal. This is just a ****ty place to work in the inspection industry and live unless you are Loaded. Just my 2 cents. Let the ripping begin.

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