Home Inspector on Call

Home Inspection Information for Home Buyers, Sellers, Contractors, Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors.

Whether you have or have not had a property inspection, get the answers to your Real Estate questions from an InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector (linked to this website). We have developed a knowledge base to address Residential and Commercial building issues in your regional area.

The site is to assist Home Buyers who may require information, sometimes beyond the scope of the Home Inspection process or may not have had a Home Inspection and now have “issues”.

You don’t need to publicly display your issue on a message board or put up with un-associated replies.

The affiliated INACHI members on this site will work together to address your questions and concerns.

Contractors and Real Estate Agents are also welcome to submit their request for Home Inspection Information, or their clients concerns.

InterNACHI members are welcome to request to become affiliated with other members by linking to this site. We are looking for regional and provincial support from Inspectors across the United States and Canada.

This is a free site.
Members are only required to:

  • Be willing to look up answers to questions about Home Inspection (not on this message board).

  • Answer all referrals that can be handled better at a local level, at no charge for telephone/email consultation.

  • Be willing to work with other inspectors on questions as well as follow-up investigation.

“Recommend further evaluation by…” Should not be in your vocabulary.
You and your associates ***are ***providing the “further evaluation”.

If interested, submit a link request and post a back link on your websites.

Home Inspector On Call

David is this something you or InterNACHI has come up with?

Mine. Still in construction.

I need qualified Inspectors in every State and Canadian province who know the building standards and Home Inspection Law in those areas.

I am not focusing in a regional city/state.
You will receive support from members in other regions if the issue is outside of your area of expertise. We need boots on the ground to collect information and work with clients at a local level.

Some clients will need help locating services to further evaluate their problem.
That would be you.

Not all that apply will qualify however…

Less than a week of work…

Join me!



Thanks Dale!

Great idea David

Great idea. I all ready receive a lot of calls from every day people, real estate agents and contractors, this will help them get the answers they need

Link is here http://www.homespectllc.com/node/507



New Jersey


California - http://www.specriteinspections.com/home-inspector-on-call/

Sent one David.

Now I can add Rhode Island to the list!

Picked up two in California …

Zeke Zelch inquired about adding photographs of logos…

I added a field in the web form of the link submission request to allow you to upload a file such as a photograph that you use as a logo etc. I can be added to your link page.

See this example:

If you have something, resubmit your request with the file (just fill in the required fields) and I will add it to your page. Otherwise I am going to whack and hack something off of your webpage! :slight_smile: (when I get the time). You can speed up the process by resubmitting for me.

Any inquiries I get in your state, I am going to be forwarding a link to the link page, so the more professional your page is the better!

That’s the logo I would have sent.

I added logo to everyone I could.

Might want to check and request any changes if needed…

David, added myself last night but haven’t been able to back link. Tonight or tomorrow hopefully! :slight_smile:

Windsor Ontario Canada


I somehow lost the front page to this website and had to redo it.

If you linked to the site previously, please follow the link in the third paragraph of the home page and be sure your link page is the way you want it.


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