Home Inspector pro 5

I am a fairly new inspector as well and currently I’m using home Inspector pro 5. I found that i takes me just as long to do the back-in report at home as it does to do the inspection. I’ve seen some comments about software, however a bit confusing if I should be what i have and live with it or get an Ipad and try to reduce the amount of time that it takes by syncing. Of course this is more money. I don’t mind spending the money if that’s wants needed. I just don’t want to pay double if it’s not. I just want the best out there so i may reduce the time with the at home report. Can anyone tell me which way to go? have anyone use the above and found a better product?

If you write your report at home, of course it is going to take twice as long. Collecting information is one step, if you choose to write it down, take pictures or notes or whatever during data collection, then you are limiting yourself regardless of what software you use. If you have to go over all your notes and pictures a 2nd time because you choose to not use a mobile device, you have chosen to cost yourself more time. First you inspect the electrical system on site and take notes and pics, now you are home and for all intents and purposes you are going through the whole inspection again in order to write your report.

If this old fart can go fully mobile, almost anybody can do it. Using mobile doesn’t cost you money, NOT using mobile costs you time which equals money. And this is with any software.

As a side note, did you write your own template based on how you inspect… or are you using someone else’s template that sort of makes you inspect the way the template writer inspects? Take the time, as a good business person will do, and write your template the way YOU inspect. Much easier and quicker to follow that way and keeps you inspecting the same way each inspection. This keeps errors or omissions to a minimum.

it takes practice. post a report.

Pay attention to Stephen. He has been around the horn once or twice


Join one of our Home Inspector Pro training classes on Tue/Fri at 11am PST or watch some of the videos to learn where you can improve greatly on time. Definitely start collecting data onsite with the a device. The guys responding above like Stephen are finishing their inspection on site with little or nothing to do at home.

I don’t use HIP, but I think it’s fair to say that it takes time, trial, error, and experimentation to come up with the most efficient way to collect information and finalize a report for the way you prefer to work.

Hopefully you have looked at at least 8 or 9 options and decided to commit to the one that you like best.