Im Looking For A Better Software.


I am a fairly new inspector. I have been using Whisper since I started, and it is very time consuming. I am looking for a software that maybe has an app/website where I can write most of my inspection in the field, while doing the inspection. Does anyone know a software like this out there.

If so how much does it cost??

I would appreciate any feedback.

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And, there is a “Search” function above, on this page, in the blue strip.

Home Inspector Pro. Also, Palm-tech is decent too

Hi Chad…I switched to HomeGauge last year and couldn’t be happier. Easy to use software. I enter the majority of the info on site and add pics back in the office. They do have a companion version so you can use your phone as well; however, I choose not too. They ran an incredible deal last year for cyber Monday for InterNachi members. Keep checking the forums to see if they run something similar.

Download hip and Homegauge. Both of those are considered the top two by most

Check out the app called Spectacular at as it works start to finish on an iPad.

i pad takes zoom shots now ?

HIP or Home Gauge - use both trial versions.

I can only speak for HIP, as I have not tried others.

I will say that HIP shaved about 2 hours off my at home report writing, even before I went mobile.

I don’t switch for the same reason my wife doesn’t switch husbands–

Why take a chance on trying to improve something already great?? :mrgreen:

My first question would be…are you in Texas since you are using Whisper ?

We have been doing mobile home inspection software for over 15 years. Please make sure to check us out if you are looking at using home inspection software in the field DURING your inspection.

I’m in the same boat as far as being new. I’ve tried a number of the recommended software programs and just thinking logically, I don’t want a cloud-based program because they are time-consuming. I don’t want to spend a lot of time back-office editing either. What I found was Palm-Tech. It’s stand-alone and cloud based for easy transfers between devices. It’s pretty much “point and click”, highly flexible, so once your inspection is done, you can email it to your client; or if you have a portable printer, print it out and hand it to them before you leave. What I like most is that it has pre-populated notes so you’re not standing there trying to thumb in notes. Of course you can still add notes if you like. I think it’s the best on the market. It runs $899. Here is a link to their site where you can download a free trial.


I have been using HomeGauge for over 10 years.
Version 4.5.1
Never a blip, burp or bubble…

I use HIP with the mobile and really like it.