Welcome to the new Home Inspector Pro forum.


It’s about time!
I’m a die in the wool Hippy.
Best Inspection software ever made.
Easy to use with a Great looking report.

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Is this the place to come and promote HomeGauge?

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Bob did that I didn’t .

Nice. Now I don’t have to switch forums to read about HIP.


I will still post over there.

About time.
Hey whats new…:cool:



Will the ASHI HIP users come here to post?

I am new to HIP, only did 1 report last year and went back to Report Host the reason being I needed to get my work done.

I look forward to seeing what goes down here.

Remember what I told you on the phone?
I’ll cut your learning curve by way more than half.

You will deny me 3 times.

Yeah but you also said it would involve Tequila, cigars and lap dancers and I’m trying to quit smoking:mrgreen:

I’m not Peter…LOL
You did it scoundrel…

That ain’t much sacrifice is it?


HIP at its finest. :slight_smile: No room here for anything else. :wink:

NoooooOOOO !..Karma a b-ch.

WOW! That was easy!:mrgreen: Thank you!

Yuppers, I nominate Frank R. :smiley: Just kidding, Glad to see HIP get it’s own forum.