Home inspector recommending......

…homeowner get a wall anchor system installed on bowed, cracked, leaking basement wall… efflorescence etc.
WHY… would a HI say/recommend this? ](*,) #-o#-o

He brings up ‘get the wall waterproofed’ but what does he mean, what does he think is ‘waterproofing’… an interior system? The wall needs to be hand dug out in order to relieve,help lessen, the pressure/weight and the exterior of wall has exterior cracks, needs to be waterproofed.
IF… he means the, ‘HO needs to get a wall anchor SYSTEM installed’ (wall anchors and an interior basement system), then he’s wrong and could certainly lose his fee and maybe get ____, yep.

A ‘SPECK’ of truth from Ohio, the glorified basement doctor… Ronnie G.
(and i do mean a speck, got that?) :mrgreen:

Bowed, cracked basement wall.
1:15 … goes something like, ‘We’re seeing a lot of contractors using CARBON FIBER straps because it is an EASY INSTALLATION and…
they are basically SCAMMING the CUSTOMER’

Well no chttttttt sir! It took you decades to say this, figure this out? #-o

Would like to repeat that because its ummm, vaguely IMPORTANT!
– A lot of contractors use carbon fiber straps because it is EASY (for them, duh!.. a money maker) and they are S C A M M I N G the CUSTOMER!

That video, that wall, better get hand dug out, waterproofed and correctly backfilled outside, got that? Or is the G man gonna install another pathetic interior basement system and some wall anchors or beams, sheesh.

G man says the wall is failing because DUH contractor should not have used this product. :-k
Hey… YO, the wall is failing because of EXTERIOR lateral soil pressure etc!

Unbiased opinions on basement wall failures.
Scroll down to… Basement Wall Failures, cause… resolution!!! Hello

Donan Engineers

U S Army Corps of Engineers, Amherst NY, basement wall failures etc
'Cracking can also occur when stresses induced by lateral pressure exceed the strength of the wall…the most common crack is a… (step crack)…long horizontal crack… third crack type is a VERTICAL crack…

Slapping some carbon straps or wall anchors on ANY interior basement wall does NOT remove, relieve, lessen ANY lateral soil pressure or other weight acting upon/against the wall!!
Plus, when a wall block, brick wall is bowing in… there are EXTERIOR cracks/cracked parging, that’s right. That’s where the water gets in and can certainly cause x-amount of efflorescence/mold etc on inside wall.

Does Fairfax tell homeowners who have cracked, bowed basement walls to…
install some carbon straps or wall anchors and install an interior system??? HUH?
Do they tell people to LEAVE the clay, or roots etc, on/against the exterior wall?
Do they tell people NOT to waterproof the exterior wall?

Other than Mr Marcel, here is one of a FEW builders who ‘get’, ‘understand’ backfilling.
6th paragraph…'foundation walls should be backfilled with GRAVEL (not dirt) from the footing all the way…UP…this type of drainage prevents water and saturated soil (lessens pressure against the wall), from building up horizontal hydrostatic pressure against the wall.
‘This pressure will CRACK WALLS, cause leaks, and in a worst case, collapse the wall inward’

Wall anchors installed here… did the wall anchors remove, relieve, lessen ANY exterior pressure against the wall? No.
Just like carbon straps, wall anchors are just another means, more expensive means to jack around homeowners when they should be, hand digging the dumb walls and waterproofing and backfilling them correctly. Shtt, IF anything, sometimes, they may be used in conjunction with excavating and exterior waterproofing, but interior system companies do not do this, hello!
The homeowner in photo 4, she’s not happy… eh.

Another bowed wall… exterior cracks etc… the homeowner called 2 other companies, both inside TURDS, who told him he only needed an interior system and sump pump!@#@!@! UN----BE---------------------lievable.

Same wall, same house… another reason (cause), the exterior of walls need to be waterproofed!!!
Home inspectors should not be recommending wall anchors, inside systems or tell people to raise and slope the grade when the homeowner has exterior cracks or bowed wall etc but as usual, few listen, few give a shtt and seems, many THINK they know this subject. Ok fine, its your business, just don’t CRY when your called back, lose your fee or, possibly get sued.

Thank you for your input.

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Seriously 12" walls if reinforced and backfilled with the proper materials are dependable. Wood foundations when filled properly are good and my favorite is ICF.

Bubber or Bubba is right though about all the money spent onwhat is sold as waterproofing, I have been telling people for years that a drain tile system just collects and dispenses, it certainly isn’t waterproofing although its sold as such.

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Inside system Co… over 250 locations to bs more people, got that?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaSSPsF4Cdo Just watch/listen to the 1st minute!
Just the first part of video/claims (can’t take much of this bs, eh)
:40… ‘its important that we understand how the home was originally WATERPROOFED… the builder installed drain tile outside and as long as that was functioning the basement would be DRY’!!! ](,)](,)](*,)#-o#-o#-o

To repeat por favor…
HE says, incorrectly claims, we all understand how important it is as to how home’s were originally waterproofed and, that they were supposedly WATERPROOFED by… installing drain tiles!!! ](,)](,)](*,)#-o#-o#-o

UN---------------------------be-------------------lievable nonsense!!!

And he said, as long as the drain tiles were functioning, basements would remain DRY!!! ](,)](,)](*,)#-o#-o#-o

Talk about a good bs story, there ya go.

Anyone who thinks/believes this incompetent crap is hardly an honest expert on this subject!!!

Here’s some drain tiles for ya, as is often the case, NOTHING wrong with them BUTT, the basement leaks/seeps…know why?? loool
Beeeeeeeecause, there were multiple cracks in the wall’s parging!@!@!%%!
And, some other exterior openings.
See duh drain tiles…huh? Sheeshus

Here’s the rest of that photo album, the exterior cracked parging etc
As is the actual case 99.9% of the time, it did NOT leak/seep due to a supposed problem with the drain tiles!!! CMON!!!

Drain tiles are BELOW the actual problems, cracks etc. Water IN the soil ABOVE the stupid drain tiles, goes into the dumb cracks etc, and into the basement… hello!

Exterior crack in basement wall, it and another crack in wall and some other exterior openings is WHY the dumb basement leaked, not because of what the inside system guy claims!!!

Incompetent, self-serving claim is all that crrrrrap is.

Here’s an exterior corner–crack, NOT a butt crack BUTTT an exterior corner crack, got that? Q----- What the hlll do the drain tiles have to do with water that goes into the soil (above the az drain tiles) then goes into/through the crack! looollll
Duhhhhh! The wall was never ‘waterproofed’, like most and, backfill with all clay!%%!!!

WATERPROOFING was NOT done when most homes were built!
And they were backfilled with the same shtball excavated soil, not good!
The walls were at best… PARGED, some 'damproofed…
now that’s the dang TRUTH. UN–be–lievable bulllsht, AS USUAL, from interior system co’s.

Installing drain tiles is… NOT waterproofing!!!$$$%%%%!%%!%!%!
Truly a sham!

What about those homeowners who ONLY leak, get water in their basements, because of 1+ openings above grade such as cracked,open mortar joints, bricks or openings around/under basement windows etc…what about them?
Did their basements leak because of this SUPPOSED old, blocked, malfunctioning DRAIN TILES???

Jesus people, and Mr inside system company in video, homes were NOT waterproofed by installing DRAIN TILES!!!

What about those with 1+ leaky, deteriorated rod holes… do they leak because the exterior drain tiles aren’t FUNCTIONING? woooowie zowie, peeps, you’ve been played/bs’d!

PASSION… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC26hmliuVU …’ even duh President needs passion’ … 1:00 …pussie cat pussie cat, I love you’ (yeah ummm, Bubbster’s Ma used ta sing that purdy often around duh house, got milk?)

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